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Children photography and Photoshop.

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

I know that using Photoshop in kids’ portraits is a rather controversial topic nowadays, but today I would like to show you that sometimes it is absolutely necessary. And no, I am not going to talk about photoshoping their faces and changing their bodies, but about something less obvious.

2 years ago, a father approached me to take some portraits of him and his 3 children. They do not spend as much time together as he would like to spend, and he was after portraits that he can put in his office. It was a fine day. Sunny and bright, but for whole week prior to that day it was pouring (as it is now). Thus, the ground was muddy and the grassland all wet. We decided to go to Lavender Bay as it has a nice playground and absolutely stunning gardens that never disappoint. And here is my family! They arrived all dressed up and prepared and parked. A father and 3 young children. Parked at the top of the hill with a road going down towards the playground from one side and a muddy slope covered with sticks and leaves on the other side. Which road do you think the kids chose? Yes, you are absolutely right! The old good muddy one! A brother took his brother’s hand, slipped and both of them ended falling on their knees and hands. There beautiful sister followed in her brother’s steps and ended up on her bottom. And just to remind you: we have not even started to take pictures. They just came out of the car! Since there was no change of clothes, I was totally ready to reschedule and travel closer to their home next time. But the father kept his absolute cool and said that it is what is (hats off!) and asked me to proceed.

We had absolutely fantastic time! We laughed a lot, took lots of images, blew a million of bubbles and had fun. And at the end of the session, dad looked at me and said: "please work some magic, so I can have a couple of portraits that I can print for my desk".

Below are some examples of how I “washed” their clothes and some more images from the shoot.

*as per my client’s request I could only post those ones, where kids were wearing sunnies.

3 kids and dad blowing bubbles wearing sunnies

No more dirty pants, mud on the cardigan and other kids in the frame :)

Daddy and son and daughter blowing bubbles in the park

Daddy with kids (in cleaner clothes) blowing bubbles in the park. Ah, so nice to have the playground to yourself ;)

A father with 3 children sitting on the steps under a giant tree
Daddies frame

Looking neat and tidy here.

So, don't be afraid of the weather forecast or your kids falling down. A lot can be done to make the images better. And if nothing goes to plan, I am always appy to reschedule so you can get the results you want!

See you soon,


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