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Iconic Maternity Photography Sydney | Pregnancy Photography Sydney

Updated: May 21

After my own maternity leave finished (and COVID lockdown has finally ended), I was so happy to be out of the house to photograph this beautiful couple. And it was a very special couple as they were pregnant! Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life. No matter if it is "easy" or "hard", it is a magical time where you are growing a new human being inside you.

Husband following his pregnant wife, holding hands
Maternity Photography at Sydney Harbour

I have two babies and I still consider it to be the greatest miracle on Earth. Mind blowing experience. Totally. To the point, where sometimes I wish both of them could be tucked inside so I can enjoy a no argument, calm and peaceful day :) But, let's go back to the photographs and our wonderful couple.

Mrs K had a very clear requirement of how she wanted to have her pictures done: Sydney iconic; without it being at the beach or park. Having lived for 7 years in Thailand, the couple did not want to have any more beach photoes and parks, though nice and beautiful, can sometimes look the same across the world. So, what could be more iconic and say loud and clear: Hey, this is how we do it in Sydney?! Something that can be shared with the family abroad and be instantly recognised?

After considering a Hornsby lighthouse, we decided to look at our beloved Opera House. And Harbour Bridge. And Luna Park.

It was a wonderful sunny afternoon. The couple was well prepared with the image inspos (oh, good old Pinterest, we are all sucked by your endless galleries of beauty) and Mr K knew exactly what he needed to do, where to look and how to pose. In about 15 minutes, his job was finished and the girls were left to create some more magic. And oh my, have we spent an incredible hour together, walking from Kirribilli to Lavender Bay shooting away.

Initially, the guys only wanted 5-10 images to share with the family, but when they saw the result, they were glad they had more images in the package and have ordered additional ones.

Enjoy the view, friends!

Maternity Photography at Sydney Harbour

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