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Hi! Let's talk a bit.

A photoshoot is a dialogue. A dialogue between a person and a photographer. Tet-a-Tet. Private talks. The ones, where you can open your heart and your eyes will speak. Whether it is a personal session, a family photoshoot or multiple generations together there is always a dialogue between us. You tell me what you want, what you like, we share stories and I listen. And together we create. Create something unique. Uniquely YOU. Though we might seem the same, have the same problems, wants and needs, each story is different. Personal. One of a kind. YOURS.

 Tell you story through photographs.

My approach to photography is inspired by nature and everyday life. True colours, real emotions, real people. Candid moments of your life. The smiles, the grumpy faces, holding hands and cuddles, running around and sitting still - there is room and time for everything. And sometimes we want something else. The sense of celebration. Something a little bit more special. Here is where creative photography steps in. A set up for the kids to play with. Bits and pieces to tinker with and awaken your inner child. A beautiful dress for you. A word. To awaken the women. To give her wings. To brighten her light, so you can go and concur all that what you need. 

Don't be shy, let's discuss our next creation.

A woman photographer sitting with a camera on the steps of Sydney Town Hall

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