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What if it rains during your family photography day in Sydney?

Oh Sydney weather, my love, you are so unpredictable that sometimes it seems like we have all the seasons in one day, especially if this day is your family photography day. Thankfully, it does not snow (though, personally, I wouldn't mind a day or two of snow play), but we can go from hot to rain to storm in the matter of hours. So, if this lucky day is the day of your family photoshoot, what are your options?

1. As much as I would like to control the weather, I can’t. So the first thing that I would suggest - reschedule. If your circumstances allow, we will have your family portraits taken on the next suitable date and time.

2. It is your maternity photography session: you hired a dress, did your hair and make up and it rains 🤨. Check for the “rain gaps”! The rain usually does not go non-stop and there are gaps when it sprinkles or even the sun goes out. We can see those pockets on the weather radar and use the gloomy sky to our advantage.

3. Planned a cake smash, got balloons and an outfit for your child? Or wanted to have a newborn session outdoors? Why not to bring everything into the comfort of your own home and have a lifestyle session instead? Dry and cosy, and everyone feels a bit more relaxed at home (somehow it magically works on fathers and lets them show their most tender and caring side).

4. Visiting Sydney and simply cannot reschedule or do not want to take your pictures at the hotel or AirBnB? There are plenty of covered spaces, cafes and roofs where we can find shelter, snuggle up and take warm and cosy photographs. Or is it your kids grandma visiting? And you wanted something a little bit more special then the comfort of you home? Let's book a studio photoshoot, a bit more expensive, but so much more fun and creative.

At the end of the day, I am photographing you and not the weather and grey sky makes a wonderful light diffuser 😍 but if nothing works - you get your money back, no questions.

P.S. all of the above family photographs were taken on the gloomy Sydney days, in between the rainfalls. Yep, including the maternity and wedding ones. Told ya, it is possible!

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