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Lifestyle newborn photographs | Sydney in house newborn photography session

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

When are women the most vulnerable? And when are we the most powerful, fierce and strong? We listen to every single advice and shut them out to keep our ears open to what our gut is telling us. We survive on 3-hour sleep, one meal a day and 12 hours of rocking/walking/shushing our newborn babies. We produce their own food non-stop and seem to be nursing them for hours and hours. Constantly, warming up bottles and measuring out the baby formula. Changing nappies, a hundred of times a day only to find out that the baby has just made a teeny tiny super smelly poop in the fresh one and now is battling another nappy change instead of being soundly asleep. And then guess what? They open their eyes and they smile. And you are ready to go and do this all over again. Another gazillion times, before they look you in the eye and say: “Mum, let me introduce you to my partner” … and all of a sudden you see your child as an adult. As a grown human being, capable of living their own life, making their own decisions and taking responsibility for it. You stand there, stunned. Completely shocked and not realising where did the time go? How come they have grown so fast? So, for a while now: come, take a sit, hold your child, sniff their head, give them a little kiss and remember – babies do not keep. Enjoy the moment.

This beautiful newborn lifestyle photographs were taken at the comfort of the client's home, at the warmth of his mother's hands. The best place on Earth, according to the little man.

A mother holding her newborn's hands
Little Hands
Smoochy little face of a newborn
Smoochy little face
A mother holding her childs head and kissing him
Little Kisses

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