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The perception of time | Sydney Family photographer

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

When I was a litlle girl, around 3-4 years old, school children seemed so big. Clever. Independent. They were going to SCHOOL. They did not have to sleep during the lunch break and they were home by midday. Oh how much I wanted this! People said that I would miss my time in kindergarten, but in fact, I never did.

When I started school, my mum was 30 and my grandparents were in their 50s. Well, for a 7 year-old 30 seemed like a lot. Definitely, mum was an adult. No questions asked. And grandparents...Oh they were GRAND-parents. And they were 50. They were not old, definitely not THAT old like when you are 80 or something. I don't think that I ever thought of them as elderly people, but they were wise. Very wise. Teaching me life lessons and giving me treats.

When I turned 30, I had a 1-year-old in my arms. He was so small, so dependent. And I was 30! Well, I am a grown up now. Right? Except, that I did not feel like one. I was tired, for sure, sleep deprived - yes! And so, so young! I was not (and still not) feeling like I am an adult. Our family likes to laugh and fool around. We run, we jump, we play. We work. This is what adults do, but we do not feel like we are in our 30s. I guess, I am stuck somewhere between 23-25. It is just our son who is growing up, and us - we stay the same. Just can't run a marathon unprepared. And our parents... Well, GRANDparents now, who are in their 50s. Oh my God, I look at them and see people who are enjoying life. They travel, they look after grandkids, they have dreams/wants/needs/desires. They are definitely not retiring from life and they are not elderly for me (though they might think that after a particularly busy day).

Why am I saying this to you? I got a privilege to photograph this beautiful grandma just before her anniversary birthday. I would have never guessed her age. She is so young, young at heart. Dancing, laughing and playing with her granddaughters. It was her daughter's gift to her mother - a snapshot of their time together. Treasure those memories. This is how children see us. Full of life, love and joy.

XO, Yelena

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